unprecedented frame rates up to 300 fps with FLIM images at 100 fps


excellent light sensitivity with advanced fluorescence lifetime imaging capabilities


automatic data analysis instantly calculates the fluorescence lifetime

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) has become an important tool to assess the biochemical environment of fluorescent molecules and probes.

Upon excitation, fluorescent molecules emit light and the fluorescent lifetime quantifies the decay rate of that emitted light. The fluorescence lifetime is a telltale signature of the molecules and their immediate environment.

FLIM is the technique which maps the spatial distribution of lifetimes in living cells and in inorganic material. Fluorescence lifetime is independent of concentration, bleaching and intensity variations, making it an inherently quantitive technique, and a key advantage over the light intensity.


    • Molecular interactions
    • FRET/FLIM imaging
    • Biosensors
    • NADH/FAD fluorescence dynamics
    • Membrane dynamics
    • Viscosity imaging
    • LED inspection
    • Solar cell MCL monitoring
    • ...and many more!


A camera-based FLIM system for fast fluorescence lifetime imaging.

With the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment (LIFA), you record quantitive lifetime data in a matter of seconds. It’s easy to connect our FLIM camera and light source to your microscope, and our specialised software records the images and analyses the data instantly, presenting the results visually for easy interpretation.


User Publications

Researchers around the world use the LIFA in their studies. Opposite is an overview of the most recent publications describing research that was done using a LIFA.

For a complete overview of applications, please visit our applications pages and our selected LIFA publications on the Lambert main site for more information.